Osteopathy for Babies and Children

At Body with Soul, our Osteopaths have extensive experience working with infants, babies and children helping them through conditions such as colic and wind, Reflux, sleep disturbances and feeding difficulties.

Thyroid Screening

1. Who should go for a thyroid screening and how regularly? Also, who is most at risk for thyroid issues? (i.e. age, range, sex, family history, etc.) Thyroid screening is offered as a part of most health checks. There is no age barrier to disease affecting this gland, however being a woman and increasing age… View Article

I Love My Heels

I LOVE my HEELS ….no matter what are the consequences of wearing heels, women all agree that heels are part of their corporate attire and make them feel more confident. Tim Maiden, our In-house Podiatrist at Body With Soul Clinic in Rochester Park will give you some very useful advise and exercises for improving ankle… View Article

How To Maintain Proper Healthy Feet And Clean Shoes

Humid climates are breeding grounds fungal infections, Singapore is one of the most humid countries in the world. The most common source of fungal infections is through footwear. Tineapedis infections often manifest as: Discolouration of the nail – it may turn white, black, yellow or green Thickening and distortion of the nail – it may… View Article

Breast-Feeding Postures

Breast-feeding can feel awkward at first so don’t stress if it takes a few attempts for your baby to latch and for you to find a comfortable holding position. There are a few props you can use while breast-feeding which can help to maintain a better posture whilst feeding your baby A chair with arms… View Article

Are You Nutrition Fit?

1. Don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat! Avoid mainstream consumer skin care, cosmetics and personal care products, shower or bath in water is best no need for soaps as destroy the skins natural microbiome. If no skin sensitivity then you may try natural brands like DrBronner’s, or Intelligent Nutrients. Best skin moisturisers… View Article

Aging and Telomere Health

One of the emerging areas of interest in antiaging medicine is the health of our telomeres. A telomere is a repeating DNA sequence at the end of a chromosome. Every time a cell divides, the telomere shortens and the cell is unable to divide and degenerates. So as we age we find increasingly shortened telomeres…. View Article

Pilates For A Healthier And Flatter Tummy

Fact 1: Given the choice, most people would opt to have a flat and toned tummy. Fact 2: In order to achieve a flat tummy, most people sweat at the gym or boot camps doing fast paced abdominal crunches and sit ups, with poor breathing patterns and sub-optimal techniques. Not only can this lead to… View Article

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS

Do you often experience digestive troubles associated with belly pain ? cramps ? that comes together with diarrhoea or/and constipation ? Do you look bloated and can’t stand your belt any longer after 4pm? Irritable bowel or IBS as it is commonly abbreviated is a combination of constipation, diarrhoea with abdominal like discomfort.? Symptoms may… View Article

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