Fertility Coaching & Counseling offers support to individuals and couples who are planning to conceive or have been trying for some time, either naturally or via fertility treatment. The 1-to-1 sessions focus on the mental and emotional support, as well as empowering clients with a set of tools to make informed decisions. Tanja Faessler-Moro, Director of Fertility Coaching Singapore is sharing her experience in coaching and counseling clients: ‘Many of my clients feel isolated with their topic, without a plan of what to do next, are experiencing a higher level of anxiety or are simply looking to become more serene and peaceful on their journey. I’m passionate about offering my clients the customized support they need to gain a better quality in their life, feel lighter and at ease, and at the same time gain or stay focused on what they want to achieve.

When being asked on how Fertility Coaching is conducted, Tanja recommends the following approach: ‘I usually recommend to have the first session con-jointly as a couple as this provides a good picture on the overall situation. And it seems that couples can benefit by hearing each other talking about the situation from same and/or different perspectives. The following sessions are then conducted 1-to-1 as we want to ensure that each client can ‘let go’, especially when talking about sensitive topics. Depending on the situation, male clients would sometimes take up some separate sessions as well just as to better understand how they can support their partner and get more relaxed about the situation. My aim is that my clients get the highest benefit out of the sessions. Therefore, I go by ‘as many sessions as needed, but as efficient as possible’.

When Tanja first sees her clients, many of them have gone through an emotional rollercoaster. Often, they would break into tears when sharing their journey. ‘There was this lovely client who had been trying to conceive for 7 years. There was no medical explanation about her fertility issues and due to her age of 37 her gynecologist advised her to undergo fertility treatment. The couple went through several cycles of IVF without success and eventually reached a stage when she was emotionally exhausted. When discussing her medical history, her hormone levels had tremendously dropped and reflected a very low activity of her ovaries. We discussed on how to best approach the current situation, how to get focused on a positive outcome and agreed on a plan that included various relaxation techniques as well as self-help tools. She developed a great focus on her relaxation and started to regain a better quality of life within a short period of time. Meantime, I scheduled for a separate meeting with her husband to discuss ways how he could best support her development and empower both of them to make informed decisions. Shortly before seeing her for our eighth session I got an SMS from her telling me that she was looking with disbelief at her pregnancy test stick – she was pregnant!

I have greatest respect of couples facing such challenging phases in their lives and each time I get to see the light back in their eyes it confirms once more that I have the best job on earth!

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Tanja Faessler Moro, Clinical Psychologist

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