Recently moved to Singapore? Feeling isolated and lonely, overwhelmed with work or family pressures, or struggling to find your identity in your new homeland?

The Expat Support Group brings together expats who are finding their move to Singapore challenging. The group enables members to connect with other expats who may be feeling some of the same challenges, to gather support.

The Expat Support Group is open to anyone who is an expat. It is a free community service facilitated by a trainee expat Counsellor.

The group meets on the second Monday of every month, after work at Body with Soul & Complete Healthcare International’s, beautiful Green Room. It is a welcoming, casual and friendly gathering of like-minded expats. Usually between 7 – 15 people attend each support group.

Each session involves a ten minute informal presentation by one of Body with Soul psychologists or counsellors focussing on a common challenge experienced by expats. Last meetup we looked at ‘support’.

How to Build a Support Network when You’re New in Town.

Support is one of the most crucial things that expats need when they move country. But the reality is that many of us leave behind many of our support networks when we move. Since a support network is not something we can pack and move with, like our favourite, old wooly jumper (sweater – if you’re American), we’re forced to create support when we arrive. This is difficult since our friendship circle has probably shrunk significantly, often only comprised of our spouse (who is tired of talking) and if you’re lucky, your condo concierge. The irony (and the challenge) is that often we don’t realise how important our support network is until we need it most and don’t have it. For expats this often occurs when we’re in our new country, are faced with a challenge and our best friend in our home country is not picking up her phone because its 2am in the morning!

The good news is, support comes in all shapes and guises. It can be found in old and new friendships, in favourite wooly jumpers, at your kids school at drop off, at a visit to the local art gallery, at the free Tai Chi in the botanic gardens, or through a specialist interest group aimed at your interest, ethnicity or demographic. At the Expat Support Group we help you discover how to build a support network personalized to your needs and interests.

Our next meet up is being held on Monday, 8 December 2014 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Body With Soul and Complete Healthcare International’s Green Room at 44/45 Rochester Park 139248

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By: Isadora Noble. Founder & Facilitator of The Expat Support Group

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