One of the handy things about homeopathic remedies is their portability, something we always have in mind when travelling. Especially with kids, there is always so much paraphernalia, favourite toys, books and so on. Then you have to think of toiletries and the familiar “better take this just in case” items, and the list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Homeopathy offers a helpful option for travelling purposes for both adults and kids, and as kids tend to respond quickly due to their inherent high vitality, many common woes can be “nipped in the bud” before negatively impacting on your holidays.

Here are some useful remedies you could think of taking with you on your travels that cover basic first aid and common travelling maladies.

  1. Arnica: for immediate effects of injury and trauma. Reduces bleeding, inflammation, bruising and shock. It promotes healing and can also be useful for jet-lag.
  2. Arsen alb: a leading remedy for “traveller’s tummy”. Vomiting and diarrhea accompanied by chilliness, restlessness/anxiety, great thirst and feeling of complete exhaustion. Aids in sensations of burning/cramping that often accompany acute tummy bugs.
  3. Belladonna: for sunburn/stroke, sun headaches, fevers, earache and boils. Symptoms often arise suddenly and can be violent in character. The affected part is often bright red and sensitive to touch, a throbbing pain may accompany.
  4. Carbo veg: in cases of collapse, faintness, with a need to be fanned. Indigestion, fullness/bloating heaviness even from the simplest of foods. Can be helpful in food poisoning attributed to bad fish.
  5. Cocculus: for jet-lag and travel sickness. Preventative dose for both being 1 tablet before departure and 1 every 4 hours during journey. Primarily for seasickness, but can be used in any sickness brought on by undulating motion.
  6. Ledum: for bites and puncture wounds. For insect bites of injuries where the area is red/discoloured or pimply with a nettle rash type irritation, and where the affected area is soothed by cold bathing. Ledum is also useful after Arnica in resolving bruises.
  7. Nux Vomica: for overindulgence, hangovers especially from the ill effects of rich/spicy foods and/or alcohol. Nux covers retching, vomiting as well as constipation, morning headaches with intense irritability from least cause, especially light and noise and a marked aversion to cold drafts.
  8. Pyrogen: for acute food poisoning and septic fevers. Typically there will be coldness and chilliness giving rise to sudden flashes of heat with often offensive sweating and palpitations. To be used when other remedies have failed to bring relief.
  9. Rhus tox: for rheumatic stiffness, strains and sprains, pulled muscles, inflamed or twisted joints, usually arising after exercise but not experienced till after a period of rest.
  10. Tincture of hypericum & calendula: applied in diluted form to cuts and abrasions. It is both antiseptic and promotes wound healing.

Handy homeopathic travel packs are available for purchase on request, including the above remedies together with instructions on how to take them.

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