Many of us will be able to recall how nerve-racking it can be to take an exam. Butterflies in our stomach, sweaty palms, a racing heart and panicking that we won’t be able to remember anything we’ve learnt. These are all common feelings before an exam. Feeling nervous is a natural emotion, and for lots of people these feelings actually help to motivate them and focus their minds. However if these feelings become intense, they can threaten an individual’s performance and even cause them to achieve below their true potential.

Treatment for Exam Anxiety

Hypnotherapy is a common method used for helping to control exam nerves. The power of suggestions and visualisation techniques encourage an individual to clear their racing mind and approach the exam with a cool, calm state of mind. If an individual is anxious, their mind cannot focus. However, controlling this anxiety often leads to increased concentration levels, allowing the knowledge to be accessed with more ease.


Hypnotherapy Helps to:

Increase confidence, believing in yourself, increase motivation, learn how to control anxiety, increase memory and concentration, encourage an individual to focus, overcome fear of failure, and learn how to relax. When the mind is calm and the student is relaxed, there are no distracting thoughts and no noise, other people coughing, moving etc disturb the concentration. The student is able to give his/her undivided attention to the exam paper, and find the right answers and solutions easier.

Our Certified Hypnotherapist Karita Fischer has been successfully helping many students suffering from Exam Anxiety for many years in Singapore. Want to try ? Register now

Hypnotherapy Class

Exam anxiety 2 hours Hypnotherapy Class
Will be held at Body with Soul – 44 Rochester Park
Tuesday 5th May 5 to 7pm
Age group : 10 to 18 years old
Discounted price at S$80/2 hours instead of S$180.00
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