Once upon a time, in the early 70’s a nice little girl aged 10, was spending her life like any other kid. Next month this little girl named Emily will be 50, she weighs 140 kg, and she is in a wheel chair,

She needs HELP

“Uthaviku Varalama? “May I help you “ program for Vasantham- MediaCorp local TV, is a reality program which features needy families. Prominent personalities from the Indian community visited them to know more about them and find out what essential help they would need.

Punch! Production, the local television company which produces this program for MediaCorp was looking for support, and thanks to Rosalind, our devoted Chef @Onaka, they came to ask for HELP.

From October 13th, the Body With Soul Total Healthcare Network team became committed to help Emily feel better, bringing her some improvement in her day to day life.

Emily is coming once per week to Body with Soul in Rochester Park, one of our doctors, a nurses, and our practitioners are visiting her, assessing, testing and trying to give her the best care and medications .

Onaka will provide her meals, and teach her how to cook quick, simple, economical but healthy recipes.

All Body With Soul Total Healthcare Network Team is committed to this project:

  • Our family practice, with Dr James
  • Our Physiotherapist, Monica , visiting her at Home
  • Our Nutritionist, Karen
  • Our Healthy living Chef, Rosalind
  • Our Psychologist, Marianne
  • Our Podiatrist, Adam


Punch! Productions brief introduction:

“We are a local television production company which has produced local programmes for MediaCorp. Previously, we produced a programme (May I help you?). It At the end of the episode, the family is given the aid to improve their daily lives. Overall the series was well received by the community and it was featured in both the Channel 5 and Channel 8 news and even the SPH papers. Calls and emails poured in to MediaCorp with people eager to lend a helping hand. These came in the form of many things, and they came from people of different races and religions.

Some of the prominent personalities include newscasters and the head of SINDA (Singapore Indian Development Association). After the episodes have been aired, we have recieved many calls and emails from the public wanting to adopt some of the families we have featured on the show. The Uthavikku Varalama team was interviewed by The Straits Times for making a difference in many individuals/families’ lives through this programme and we were featured in both the Channel 5 and Channel 8 news. Together with this favourable outcome, “Uthavikku Varalama” was awarded the Best Info-Ed Programme of 2009. Following this success, we have been commissioned to produce the second season of this programme and also to bring about a difference in some of the individuals/families’ lives.”

If you are interested in joining, we currently need:

  • a sport shoe shop to offer a brand new pair of training shoes to Emily
  • Hair dresser to visit her at home for a nice relooking treatment,
  • Mani and Pedi Beauty Therapist for a complete treatment at home.

Thank you very much.

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