Long Time No See Laaa….!!!

It’s been a year since Emily was part of the Body with Soul outreach programme. For those of you who know Emily, her plight and have been following her progress…. She is 122kg today , so minus 11 kg in 1 year, She did very well !! To celebrate this anniversary, I would like to… View Article

Body With Soul at the IFS Corporate Golf Day 2011

The International Financial Services (IFS) Corporate Golf Day 2011 held on the 10th of June was a huge hit amongst the golfers themselves and the spectators alike. The event which was held at the Serapong Golf Course ,Sentosa was a fun day for all involved. I can gladly say that the 121 odd red tshirt… View Article

The Long Ravenous Road To Unhappiness

“I found my daughter’s comments about her body on her blog quite by accident. She had left her computer logged on and her blog was right there on the screen for me to read. I was shocked to see the extent to which she was restricting her food intake and how critical she was about… View Article


Top Ten Tips For A Healthy You This Summer Enjoy the sunshine, safe exposure is important not only for your bone health but also your immune system. Alkaline, ensure you eat and abundance of salad and green leafy vegetables. To Keep hydrated remember to drink lots of water, diluted juices, herb teas, experiment making your… View Article

C. H. E. E. R. S. – How To Enjoy Light Moderate Drinking

Cancer prevention Wines, particularly red wines, are a source of low levels of resveratrol. High doses of reseveratol have been linked to longevity and cancer prevention in other species. In 2008, a study found that high doses of resveratrol (a constituent of red wine) mimicked some of the benefits of caloric restriction (including reduced effects… View Article

Sex and The Pelvic Floor

Everything you always wanted to know about SEX and the PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES, but never had the courage to ask… The pelvic floor muscles play an important role in continence, pelvic organ support, childbirth and spinal stability. Moreover, the pelvic floor muscles play a an essential role in sexual function for both men and women…. View Article

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sexual problems are common conditions affecting both males and females. They can occur at different ages and across different stages of relationships. Sexual problems are not just problems of older individuals or couples that have been together for a long time. Common sexual problems include, low sex-drive or no interest in sex, premature ejaculation or… View Article

A Tour De France

A Tour De France – Six Regions And Six Health Reasons This month at Rochester Park, Wines2U in collaboration with Body & Soul propose their very own Tour de France, exploring the wonderful variety of French wines – with 9 wines on show. Rather less energetic than a 14 day bike ride! Our tour begins… View Article

250km Desert Run for The Tabitha Foundation

Last year a dear friend died quite suddenly. Ellen was only 29 when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia; she died 13 days later leaving behind her 4 month old son and her fiancé. As well as being an amazing person Ellen was also committed to helping others and was a great supporter of the Tabitha… View Article

Banana Bag

This innovative bag keeps bananas fresh and firm for longer. Made from an insulated material, the bag will cut down the number of bananas you have to throw away because they have ripened too quickly – a must here in Singapore!!! Just choose your regular bunch of bananas and then place in the bag and… View Article

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