“Rabbit Food” is Good for Your Oral Health

In this ‘Rabbit Year’ it might pay to copy rabbits in some of their habits … rabbits love their fruit and veg, not just carrots and lettuce. They have very eclectic tastes, grazing wildly, and so should we. The mouth is often the first place to show signs of vitamin deficiencies. Your dentist can identify… View Article

Invest in your Musculo-Skeletal Health

Introduction The purpose of this article is to discuss health from a musculo-skeletal perspective through the eyes of an osteopath. With the right mind set, keeping active with the right help and a little luck we can keep fit and well into our later years. It’s easy to underestimate how important our muscular-skeletal health is… View Article

Repairing Language for Learning

As SLPs we often find ourselves wearing multiple career hats. We see ourselves as detectives. During assessments, we look out for signs and symptoms that point to exact diagnosis of the child. Multiple overlapping symptoms often make diagnosis less clear cut. That is the reason why we often ask parents to give us more time… View Article

Organic Himalaya

Fresh air-flown vegetables, fruits and herbs from organic farms in Nepal. Box delivery of produce to your home. Introducing regular harvests of nutritional goodness and true flavours from our organic hilltop farms (nearly 2,000 meters high) outside of Kathmandu valley. We grow a variety of Himalayan staples and Mediterranean-style heritage vegetables to give you the… View Article

Happy Birthday EMILY!!!

Wednesday 8th December; Emily came to the Clinic for her weekly visit as she has been doing so for the past 7 weeks; she was very nicely dressed. She was good looking, perfumed, her hair was brushed and she was really looking different. She didn’t know what’s gone happen until James came into the room… View Article

Stress Health and Integrating Complementary Medicine into Healthcare

A vast number of illnesses experienced by people today can be considered lifestyle diseaseses. The following medical conditions are but a few of the multitude of conditions that our medical practice is faced with on a daily basis: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, depression, and hormonal conditions such as premenstrual syndrome. Diet, lack of physical activity,… View Article

How to Stay Trim, Taught and Terrific over Christmas

The festive season is upon us once again. For most of us that means excessive eating and drinking. With daily opportunities to eat and drink too much, it’s not surprising that come the New Year, many of us will struggle to fit into our jeans. But believe it or not, it’s still possible to indulge… View Article

Let’s Take A Walk 2010 Walking Clinic

Understanding Foot Health & Gearing Yourself for Let’s Take A Walk Let’s Take A Walk is organised by a small group of volunteers, all in the name of doing something good and meaningful for our society. Some are first-timers, some are “old-guards” who have been quietly contributing their time and effort to this endurance walkathon…. View Article

May I Help You

Once upon a time, in the early 70’s a nice little girl aged 10, was spending her life like any other kid. Next month this little girl named Emily will be 50, she weighs 140 kg, and she is in a wheel chair, She needs HELP “Uthaviku Varalama? “May I help you “ program for… View Article

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