Are you a mum who’s wondering WHY IS MY CHILD SUCH A PICKY EATER?

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If you are, please read on…

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Dear Mums,

  • Do you get frustrated when your child does not want to eat anything except for junk and processed food?
  • Do you worry that your child is exhibiting super high or low energy levels at school and at home and is not sleeping well?
  • Is your child testing your patience with their messy eating & takes such a long time to finish their meals?
  • Is your child consistently outsmarting you so they don’t need to eat nutritious food and seems to be losing or gaining weight?

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With expert sensory, behavioural & nutritional insights & strategies, Susie Rucker and Sid Hamid would like to invite those of you experiencing the above mentioned STRESS to attend their special workshop in June


For the first time in Body With Soul, they would be joining forces to facilitate and coach you in 2 sessions

In Part 1, you would be able to:

  • Identify root problems to your child’s picky eating
  • Establish new expectations from you to your child with regards to eating well
  • Personalize an approach by experimenting what works and what doesn’t to help your child eat well with success!

In Part 2, the same group of you would come back to:

  • Highlight struggles, small & big breakthroughs for everyone to learn from one another
  • Identify new set of problems to address and refine existing strategies to approach yourchild
  • Introduce a holistic framework of how you can measure and sustain your child’s success in eating well in the next 90days!

They can definitely help make “eating well with your children” a manageable task–even an enjoyable one! So, relax and take a deep breath… (Imagine yourself stress free & your child’s smile on his/her face eating good food)…

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They are only opening up 10 spots to mums who is willing to commit to both sessions and wanting to make a change to be successful in eating well together with their children.

The good news is that mums attending this workshop stand to receive

A SPECIAL goodie bag…

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Whilst considering, take a look what their clients have to say about them…

We were referred to Susie by a friend and found her to be very professional and supportive. She performed hair analysis’ and food intolerance tests for my sons (one who has Aspergers & the other ADHD) & I. She recommended changes in our diets (gluten, casein & wheat-free), as well as other changes to our food, and added a range of vitamins and minerals. We noticed significant changes (including comments from teachers, and are now eating consistently very healthy, and feel much better as a result. She taught me to think about what I can add to my cooking to make it as nutrient-dense as I can, without the kids or my husband knowing! I now bake cookies that are actually good for you! – Liza Reid

I had reached a really low point when Raph was diagnosed with ASD at the age of three. Emotionally, mentally and physically drained, I knew that I needed help since I am very new and “lost” parent who knew nothing much about autism and was thankful to a therapist for introducing Sid. Within just a year, Sid has helped me experience exceptional growth in my ability to nurture Raph by uncovering my destructive patterns and replacing them with positive, healthy, self-affirming ones. He was quick to identify the problems between me & Raph and highly skilled in providing the tools necessary to address the issues. I have come to value and appreciate his expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication of his profession. Sid is always ready to listen, cheer, support when I had questions . I recommend Sid without reservation as he has been a true blessing in Raph’s and my life journey as we look forward to maintain our balance and embracing new beginnings – Rilvia Len and Raphael

Please call our Body with Soul reception desk at +65 67790660 so we can book your spot.

Once it is full, we will shortlist you for the next available dates for the workshop

Thank you very much.

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