Nails can vary in colour, shape, texture, thickness of finger nails/toenails.

Injury of course may be one cause of change especially crushing the nail bed. Nail biting or chronic picking of the skin/nails creates inflammation and potential infection. Also long term use of nail polish can increase risk of dryness and white marks to the nail bed. But if injury is not the reason what else is going on beneath the nail?

The skin both under and around the nail bed tell a story as well as the texture and colour of the nail bed itself.

White marks on one or more nails is linked to potential Zinc deficiency, this is worth checking through hair or blood analysis. Lowered zinc status is linked to negative mood, poor appetite, reduced immunity and poor sense of smell and taste.

Vertical ridges may be linked to poor stomach acid, inability to digest properly results in poor mineral status. Symptoms you may experience are bloating, undigested food in your stool, poor skin healing.

Yellow discolouration of the nail bed is indicative of a fungal infection and nails need to be treated.

Children who bite nails, this can be related to poor mineral status as well as being bad habit! Nails are rich in minerals and often it is a means of communicating the need for more minerals. It is worth looking into their digestion and diet, particularly if they are “fussy” eaters!

Adam Jorgenson, Podiatrist

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