New must-have app for busy mums on the go launches in Singapore.

Time is a precious commodity for most mothers who have to juggle family, career, home and social life on a day to day basis. MumRadar offers a great combination of unique features that makes it easier to stay balanced as a mum.

Users can search a comprehensive directory of child related places all in one handy app.

Users can also add, review and rate these “Pins” and provide real, trustworthy feedback to help guide other mums.

So next time you’re looking for the nearest baby changing room, kid’s friendly cafĂ© or a fun playground you need only press a button – there are almost 2,000 Pins in Singapore!

This innovative free app also provides a social platform to meet mums nearby, chat and post on forums (under your own name or anonymously). Users can share the burden and joy with other mums who can offer support, understanding and advice.

Cluttered house? Sell and buy “Preloved” toys, clothes or anything else the children have outgrown.

Entrepreneurial mums can also earn some money around raising a family by promoting their products or services on “Mumpreneurs”.

Emergency? Call an ambulance, police or fire services at the touch of a button anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for a bargain the app will soon allow users to post details of local offers to help you save money.

Need more convincing? MumRadar has an active Blog section where you can read informative and insightful articles by professional mums who want to contribute to this community.

A supporting partner at, Dr Goldstein described MumRadar as “created by mothers, for mothers, to make it easier to create friendships, share and support each other in the journey of raising children.”

MumRadar is available for download now on Iphone and Ipad. An Android version will be launched in August.

How MumRadar was born

Silvia Wetherell is a counsellor with a passion for supporting mothers who are struggling emotionally and psychologically. Silvia is also a co-founder of the free support group for mothers called Mindful Mums, which has been featured in the Straits Times.

During her work she came across many women who were struggling to make new “mummy” friends so spent most of the time at home and isolated. Often these women also reported that they didn’t know where to go and worried about whether they would be able to find a changing room or somewhere to feed the baby.

Struggling to find where to direct the women to, apart from giving them 10 different websites, she decided to bring it all together in one simple app with the important support forum as a space for mums to share.

It is her hope that this App will encourage mothers to create a helpful, informative and inclusive community “on the go” and to hopefully make some good friendships along the way.

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Silvia Wetherell,
Counsellor with specialised training in Maternal Mental Health

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