Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believe that obesity is mainly due to internal phlegm, dampness and qi (vital energy) deficiency in the body. In TCM, weight loss can be achieved by reducing water retention, and improving the functions of the spleen, blood and qi circulation in the body. By balancing the hormonal levels and optimizing the functions of the internal organs, the body’s blood and qi circulation can be improved. This will subsequently result in the elimination of excessive fluids, metabolic wastes and toxins from the body, and thus enhancing metabolism to achieve weight loss naturally and safely. Some TCM modalities that are used commonly for weight loss include

1) Chinese Medicine
Common herbs that are used for weight lose are:
– Cassia Seed
– Hawthorn
– Tangerine peels
– Rhubarb

2) Acupuncture
Common acupoints to achieve weight loss are:
a) Tianshu (ST 25)
b) Shuifen (CV 9)
c) Daju (ST 27)
d) Fenglong (ST 40)

3) Cupping Method

4) Acupressure Massage
TCM massage, also known as “tummy acupressure massage” and “acupoint weights lose massage” can help to reduce excess fats in the abdominal region as well as in the treatment of many chronic diseases.

In addition to the abdominal area, acupoints for weight loss are also found on the head, arms, legs and sole of the foot. Acupoints around the navel region include Qihai (CV 6), Daju (ST 27), Guanyuan (CV 4 ), Tianshu (ST 25) etc. 10 to 20 sessions of massage on these acupoints, can enhance the body’s metabolism, improve hormonal balance and suppress one’s appetite, hence reducing abdominal distension, water retention and helps to prevent pot or beer belly. In addition, massaging acupoints on the thigh and foot such as Zusanli (ST 26), San Ying Jiao ( SP 6) etc, can improve blood circulation, peristalsis of stomach and intestine as well as eliminate excess fats in the thigh region.

Wu Yue
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