Understanding Foot Health & Gearing Yourself for Let’s Take A Walk

Let’s Take A Walk is organised by a small group of volunteers, all in the name of doing something good and meaningful for our society. Some are first-timers, some are “old-guards” who have been quietly contributing their time and effort to this endurance walkathon.

The power of internet has helped spread the word about Let’s Take A Walk, far and wide. As organizers, we are elated to have over 680 registered walkers despite the many numerous walkathons and marathons in town. During the planning journey of Let’s Take A Walk, we met familiar faces and made new friends. And to our pleasant surprise, newfound sponsors came knocking on our doors. It’s heartening to receive mails or contacts from people and advertisers whom we have never met to offer their professional services for our charity event.

The Let’s Take A Walk 2010 Walking Clinic is somewhat a convergence of good deeds and kind souls. Through Sam Randall, Podiatrist at Foot Practice and his contacts with Vanessa Mc Namara, Senior Dietitian at Food Clinic and Onaka Cafe, we successfully held the Walking Clinic at the gorgeous black & white colonial house, home of Body with Soul.

4 December was the day of the Let’s Take A Walk 2010 Walking Clinic, Understanding Foot Health & Gearing Yourself For the Let’s Take A Walk . Despite the drizzle, the Green House was packed with our 40 participants. Yousi , Chairman of the Let’s Take A Walk Organizing Committee gave a quick introduction of the committee members and our guest speakers, Sam and Vanessa.

Sam gave a comprehensive and interesting presentation on how to best prepare for the upcoming Let’s Take A Walk. At lightning speed, the candid foot expert shared useful tips on how to prevent blisters, suitable kinds of shoes to wear for the walk and varied foot-related matters.

Vanessa gave the participants an insightful presentation from her professional perspective as a Senior Dietitian. From food diets, ways to “carbo-load”, ideal snacks and drinks to checking your pee with the pee-chart, Vanessa set many minds thinking about their existing diets and how to get themselves to tip-top condition for the real walk.

Chiew Boon and Chan Peng, our “old guards” of Let’s Take A Walk and 100km PowerWalk survivors shared their personal experiences of how they survived their 100km endurance journeys. The participants were also treated to minty lemonade and yummy hummus dip with crackers vegetable crudités await, thanks to the reception sponsor, Onaka, Healing Café.

Our act of paying it forward by organizing this charity marathon does have some magnetism to attract like-minded walkers, sponsors and partners. Our walking clinic would not have been possible without our sponsors. We are grateful to each and everyone who have been in one way or other spread the word about this charity walkathon. Special thanks to his boss, for alerting Sam about the Let’s Take A Walk and our guest speakers, Sam and Vanessa for choosing to wake up early on a Saturday morning and sharing their knowledge with our walkers. And Rommel, for facilitating the technical set-up and Body with Soul for the complimentary use of their Green Room and the thoughtful signage to direct our walkers.

As The Let’s Take A Walk event dates (18 to 19 December) draw near, we hope that you would garner with friends’ support to be your “ra-ra” team during the actual walk, and encourage friends to pledge donations for your endurance walk.

To all walkers, thanks for being a good sport and taking part in this Let’s Take A Walk 2010. See you next week 11 December at the final briefing at Boys’ Town. Come 18 to 19 December, at the Let’s Take A Walk event, we would have a mega-gathering of all the kind souls – our walkers who have pledged donations (registration fees) as they embark on their personal walk challenges.

Dorothy Ng

Volunteer Publicist

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