Neck and or shoulder pain is common in people of all ages and is often caused by how we use our neck and our posture. In most cases the neck and /or shoulder pain usually resolves on its own within a week or two, but if it continues beyond two weeks its recommended that you seek medical help.

Symptoms of Neck & Shoulder pain includes

  • Stiff neck that makes turning the head difficult
  • Sharp or stabbing pain in a particular spot
  • Soreness or tenderness in the neck or shoulder area
  • Pain that radiates down the shoulders, arms or radiates up to the head
  • Often times, tension or stiffness in the neck and upper back can lead to headaches.

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Some of the common causes of neck and / or shoulder pain include

  • Poor posture while standing or sitting
  • Strain from a recent injury
  • Working extended hours on a computer
  • Long distance flight travel
  • Driving long distances
  • Stress and fatigue that can result in stiffness or tightness of muscles in the joints.
  • Pinched Nerve where nerves in the neck becoming irritated or trapped and is being subjected to excessive pressure by bones, ligaments or muscles surrounding it.

Osteopathic Treatment of Neck & Shoulder Pain

Our osteopaths routinely treat patients with neck and shoulder pain using a wide range of gentle manipulative and cranial osteopathy techniques. At the start of the session our osteopath will gather your medical history and do a thorough examination testing the range of motion of the neck and shoulder joints to diagnose the issue. In some cases our osteopath may request for additional tests including X-ray or scans before starting treatment.

The treatment techniques may be varied depending on the patient’s fitness, age and diagnosis and may involve treating other areas in the back or shoulders as well as the neck.

In most cases patients see a significant relief from symptoms after their first treatment session with the osteopath, and may require one to two additional follow up sessions. However in some instances depending on the severity of the issue, patients may require more sessions for an effective treatment.

The osteopath may recommend some gentle exercise, stretching and advise on the posture correction techniques if necessary at the end of the treatment session.

Occasionally if the osteopath determines that Osteopathy is not a suitable treatment for a particular patient, he or she will refer the patient to other healthcare professional who is best suited to treat the condition. In such instances we do not charge for the consultation.

About Osteopathy:

Osteopathy is a day-to-day healthcare profession focusing on musculoskeletal disorders and the effects of these on an individual’s general health. Osteopathy is based on the principles that the body has the ability to heal itself and that body structure and function are interdependent and can be affected by and affect general health.

Osteopathic care focuses on strengthening the musculoskeletal systems to treat existing conditions and to prevent illness. This is a patient-centered approach to health and well-being and the practitioner considers symptoms in the context of the patient’s full medical history, as well as their lifestyle and personal circumstances. This holistic approach ensures that all treatment is tailored to the individual patient.

At Body with Soul, our Osteopaths are from the UK and have extensive experience working with adults, infants, babies and children both in the UK and in Singapore. They are fully registered under General Osteopathic Council in the UK to practice Osteopathy. Our osteopaths use many techniques to assess, manage, treat and prevent musculoskeletal and other related disorders without the use of drugs or surgery and have helped numerous patients both in the UK and in Singapore to achieve positive health outcomes.

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