Jennie Mallinson

Occupational Therapy

About Jennie Mallinson

Jennie is a British Occupational Therapist, with over 17 years’ experience in a wide range of clinical areas. She is passionate about supporting clients to reach their full potential in the areas of occupation that are important to them.

Jennie is a UK trained Occupational Therapist, registered to practice with the AHPC (Singapore) and HCPC (UK). She worked full time in the National Health Service before moving to Singapore in 2009. She has experience in general practice working with all ages from young children, working age adults, through to the elderly working with aspects of physical and mental health. In Singapore her practice has focussed on supporting children facing challenges in the classroom environment, using thorough assessment to identify challenges followed by activity based occupational therapy to support the child to reach their full potential.

Jennie has a special interest in Dementia Care, she completed a Masters in Dementia Studies from University of Bradford in 2015. Jennie is passionate about supporting people with dementia and their families and believes occupational therapy can play a vital role in promoting independence, providing cognitive stimulation and promoting well-being.

Areas of Practise
Occupational Therapy can assist in a wide range of clinical areas, including the following:
• Fine motor skills (including handwriting)
• Attention difficulties
• Sensory Issues
• Visual perceptual issues

Older People
• Aids & adaptations
• Access to the home
• Falls risk assessment
• Promoting independence in activities of daily living
• Access to social & leisure activities
• Dementia care

Mental health
• Depression management
• Anxiety management
• Dementia Care

Physical Rehabilitation
• Post-operative rehab
• Aids and adaptations
• Activity analysis

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