Sonia Khiatani

Clinical Psychologist M. A. Hons (Management and Psychology)., MPsych (Clinical Psychology) Psychology

About Sonia Khiatani

Sonia is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in working with young people and adults with anxiety, depression, mood disorders and personality disorders. Her therapeutic approach includes using a variety of approaches such as CBT, ACT and DBT depending on the psychological condition and treatment objective.

Sonia has a good experience working with teenagers and adults in Australia before moving to Singapore in March 2019.

She is of a mixed heritage, raised largely in Singapore attending local schools. She completed her Masters degree in Arts in Scotland before moving to Australia to complete her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.

Sonia is bilingual and can effectively communicate both in English and German. At Body with Soul, Sonia does both Psychotherapy and Psychological Assessments.

In her spare time Sonia enjoys travelling, hiking, reading and being with friends and family.

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