Are You Nutrition Fit?

1. Don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat! Avoid mainstream consumer skin care, cosmetics and personal care products, shower or bath in water is best no need for soaps as destroy the skins natural microbiome. If no skin sensitivity then you may try natural brands like DrBronner’s, or Intelligent Nutrients. Best skin moisturisers… View Article


Exams – Manage Your Mind; Maximise Your Results Exam food connection What if I was to tell you that you could increase your grades and reduce your ‘exam panic’ whilst still maintaining your sanity all by changing a few eating habits from 6 weeks prior to your exams? Well it is true. The reason being… View Article

Stop Storing Fat!

HOW TO INFLUENCE YOUR WEIGHT NATURALLY Firstly. Stop dieting and start eating! Successful weight loss has a huge number of factors and it is not about counting calories, it’s about knowing which foods help weight and which hinder. Other important influences include, your personal relationship with food, your general health and ability to dispel toxins,… View Article

How to Quit! Supplements That Can Support Kick The Habit!

It is becoming far more common in society today to have some level of addiction, dependency, craving or desire for one or more substances. Whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, sugar or caffeine or illegal substances such as heroin or cocaine or addiction to prescriptive drugs such as sleeping pills, pain killers and anti depressants. Interestingly… View Article

Why Is My Child Such A Picky Eater?

Are you a mum who’s wondering WHY IS MY CHILD SUCH A PICKY EATER? Picture courtesy of Nutrition Minute Blog. If you are, please read on… If you know someone who does, please PASS THIS ON… Dear Mums, Do you get frustrated when your child does not want to eat anything except for… View Article

Eat Well Love Better 2015

From all parts of the world, ancient wisdom passed on a message about aphrodisiacs in foods and spices, Romans believed in cinnamon and pepper, the Chinese in ginger and Indians sought nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and ginger to boost sexual health. Scientifically an aphrodisiac is a drug or a food that excites sexual desire. From Greek… View Article

Nutrition – Can The 80/20 Rule Change Your Life?

Lets face it, when it comes to our wellbeing… We would all like to think that we will lead a life of self control, optimum health and total discipline … Those weekend coffees at a café with a cupcake, or the picnic with friends when they bring a baguette,mozzarella and crisps. Going out to a… View Article

What Is A Healthy Diet For A Future Mum?

Pre conceptual health is so important not just to increase fertility but also to ensure a healthy pregnancy and the health of the baby. We are seeing a rise in fertility problems, and an increase in childhood allergies and behavioural issues, it has never been so important to look after the health of a couple… View Article

Siem Reap Half Marathon, 1st December 2013

It is ironic really as I’m not a runner! The first 10km I ever ran was around Lake Seiko by Mt Fuji 5 years ago, not a bad place to start but encouraged by training 5 days a week in Tokyo, I felt it was time to push the boundaries! Why the 21km? If you… View Article

Time To Get The FACTS Straight About FATS

Fats have become so demonised over the last few years that we have become skeptical about eating any form of fats. We are bombarded by the food industry’s obsession with low fat foods, that we have replaced essential fats with high sugar containing foods instead, resulting in more cases of type 2 diabetes, cancers, degenerative… View Article

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