Osteopathy for Babies and Children

At Body with Soul, our Osteopaths have extensive experience working with infants, babies and children helping them through conditions such as colic and wind, Reflux, sleep disturbances and feeding difficulties.

Breast-Feeding Postures

Breast-feeding can feel awkward at first so don’t stress if it takes a few attempts for your baby to latch and for you to find a comfortable holding position. There are a few props you can use while breast-feeding which can help to maintain a better posture whilst feeding your baby A chair with arms… View Article

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS

Do you often experience digestive troubles associated with belly pain ? cramps ? that comes together with diarrhoea or/and constipation ? Do you look bloated and can’t stand your belt any longer after 4pm? Irritable bowel or IBS as it is commonly abbreviated is a combination of constipation, diarrhoea with abdominal like discomfort.? Symptoms may… View Article

Osteopathy And The Elderly

The aging process impacts on the structure and function of connective tissues. As we become older changes occur within our muscles, tendons and bones. Muscles lose their mass and elasticity. Strength decreases, most noticeably handgrip strength making it difficult to perform activities of daily living such as opening jars. The water content of tendons decreases… View Article

Hydration During Sports

Most people know that when they exercise, they need to drink more. However, it is very easy to get confused around what to drink. How much do we need to drink and when, during or after physical activity? This article will aim at guiding you towards a better understanding of the principles of hydration and… View Article

How Can Osteopathy Improve My Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be remembered as an exciting joyful occasion. However, for some women it can be an uncomfortable and a painful experience. During pregnancy enormous physical, chemical and emotional changes take place over a relatively short period of time. These changes can impose great physical strain on the organs, tissues and joints of the body…. View Article

Holistic Aproach To Lower Back Pain

Treating back pain is a common occurrence in healthcare. At body with soul we believe that an interdisciplinary approach yields the best outcome to such issues. That is why Podiatry and Osteopathy work collaboratively to assess and treat the many facets of muscular and biomechanical abnormalities that may contribute to back pain. Jenny Mullen (BSc… View Article

Sport/Exercise And Weight Management

Ok I am sure this isn’t news to most people but just in case you didn’t realise ‘Crash diets tend not work’. Obviously some people have great success trying out the latest dietary fad but for the vast majority, when we crash diet it leads to discomfort, fatigue, unhappiness and usually very little, if any… View Article

A Dream Come True Part 2

The Osteopathic Centre’s Pierre Meslet, Registered Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist, is a proud member of the London 2012 Olympic Games’ Medical Team. Below are his personal experience of the dazzling international sporting event: Every day I took the tube from central London to Stratford City, where the Olympic Park and the Athletes’ Village are… View Article

Effects Of Weight Loss On The Musculoskeletal System

Movement is vital to just about everything that we do from getting out of bed in the morning to feeding ourselves. It is our musculoskeletal system (MSS) which enables us to move, as well as providing postural support and protection for our internal organs. It is therefore critical that we take good care of it!… View Article

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