Fit For Pregnancy And Motherhood

Historically, it has long been suggested that women who were physically fit tended to have easier labours than those with a more sedentary lifestyle (Vaughan, 1951). Until the twentieth century, however, most women were simply grateful to survive the many dangers of pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period. Having a healthy baby was an… View Article

Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure Through Pelvic Floor Awareness And Muscle Strength: Do Your Exercises!

The pelvic floor muscles are important for many reasons. Not only do they support the internal organs and provide continence, but they also enhance sexual function for both men and women. Studies have linked weakened or injured pelvic floor muscles to reduced vaginal sensation, lower sexual arousal, infrequent orgasms and painful intercourse. Other studies have… View Article

Most Important Dos And Don’ts Of Postnatal Exercise

DO: Check with your doctor before you start any exercise programme that is strenuous and will involve weight lifting, abdominal or high impact exercises. DON’T: Start high impact exercises, such as running and jumping, too early. There are two reasons for this; one is to protect your pelvic organs and to prevent prolapse of the… View Article

Monica Donaldson Pregnancy

Our in house physiotherapist, gives birth to Tom, shares her experiences. After 8 months of drooling over our precious new baby boy and travelling across the globe to introduce him to our family and friends, I am overjoyed to be back working at Body with Soul. In this newsletter, I would like to share some… View Article

Sex and The Pelvic Floor

Everything you always wanted to know about SEX and the PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES, but never had the courage to askā€¦ The pelvic floor muscles play an important role in continence, pelvic organ support, childbirth and spinal stability. Moreover, the pelvic floor muscles play a an essential role in sexual function for both men and women…. View Article

Clinical Pilates ( or Physiolates if you prefer! )

What is Pilates? Pilates was developed in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates as a method of body conditioning. Pilates incorporates a large range of exercises that focus on core stabilization (ie. using the deep abdominal muscles and back muscles to improve stability of the trunk.) Pilates can be used by anyone, however not all… View Article

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