Communicate To Make A Good First Impression

Public speaking is incredibly difficult for most of us, but good communicators make a positive lasting impression upon us, even if they only speak for a short time. A look into how communication affects listener’s perception gives us insight into why this happens. Further, we can use this information to communicate effectively, which can directly… View Article

Language Disorders of Teenagers or Adolescents

Teenagers who seek help from Speech language therapists for language disorders rarely come in with a clean slate. Usually there would have been prior history of some form of speech and language disorder or another. Some level of remediation may already have been done. For most, early intervention would have offered a fair amount of… View Article

Repairing Language for Learning

As SLPs we often find ourselves wearing multiple career hats. We see ourselves as detectives. During assessments, we look out for signs and symptoms that point to exact diagnosis of the child. Multiple overlapping symptoms often make diagnosis less clear cut. That is the reason why we often ask parents to give us more time… View Article

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