What is Dietetics?

Dietetics is the branch of knowledge relating to the diet and its effects on health, especially with the practical application of a scientific understanding of nutrition. Dietitians are regulated healthcare professionals who are qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat nutritional problems.

Dietitians work on altering their patient’s nutrition status based on their medical condition accommodating to individual needs. Furthermore, they team with other healthcare professionals to promote better personal health outcomes.

Dietetics in Singapore and around the world

Registered dietitians hold the only legally recognisable graduate qualification in nutrition and dietetics. In Singapore, at present there are no statutory regulations governing the practice of nutrition and dietetics. Registration awarded by the Health and Care Professionals Council of the UK is an indication that a dietitian is fit to practice and is working within an agreed statement of conduct.

At Body with Soul, all our Dietitians are HCPC registered and are members of The British Dietetic Association and Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association(SNDA).

What does our dietitians treat?

At Body with Soul, we have a team of dietitians with extensive experience helping numerous patients in Singapore and the UK. The following are some of the common conditions that our dietitians work with:

Paediatric Dietetics
○ Pre-conception / Pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes
○ Feeding infants & toddlers
○ Pregnancy & breast feeding
○ Feeding infants & toddlers
○ Faltering growth
○ Paediatric weight management
○ Nutritional deficiencies ie. Anaemia

Allergies (both IgE & non-IgE Mediated)
○ Single or multiple food allergy
○ Elimination of diet for non IgE allergy
○ Atopic dermatitis
○ GERD & Allergic proctocolitis

○ Irritable Bowel Syndrome
○ Functional Bowel Disorder including FODMAP diet
○ Coeliac Disease
○ Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis
○ Liver& Kidney diseases

General Dietetics

○ Weight management : Gain/Loss
○ Healthy Eating
○ Cardiovascular Health
○ Type 2 Diabetes
○ Hypertension
○ Hyperlipidaemia
○ Enteral Nutrition
○ Women’s Health
○ Nutritional assessment of disordered eating

Sports Nutrition
○ Sports Nutrition for both recreation & competition

Oncology Nutrition
○ Management of symptoms during treatment
○ Reduction of risk post treatment

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