The highlight of my day in my counseling work with clients at Body With Soul is when clients leave my office with new impression and feel “free” from a previous mental block.

I get requests from Executives who have been preforming at high levels for years but have been doing it with great anxiety, or I get children who live with constant fear of the dog next door, or young professionals who believe they “have to be perfect”.

But one anxiety that comes up often this time of year is the dreadful fear of flying. There are many reasons someone might be afraid to fly but most often it is due to a previous incident or traumatic experience. Even being associated with someone who has had a traumatic flying experience can spark a fear, which can cripple a person’s ability to fly comfortably. No one should have to suffer this kind of anxiety and discomfort. This is especially the case on these long flights home for the holidays, when all the children are also travelling and could use the adult support to comfort and calm.

I’m happy to say, I work with an amazing therapy tool called EMDR. It stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. It’s a short term treatment, usually 1-3 treatments, that can have a person performing at their best; fearless in previously fearful situation and yes, even flying comfortably.

One might avoid treatment for such a condition because of the belief that it could takes months of even years of intense psychotherapy to resolve. But the good news is it doesn’t. EMDR is very non intrusive and can start even days before the flight. In fact it only brings up issues, which a persons own mind suggest are relevant. The eye movement aspect of the treatment triggers the processing of thoughts, feelings, and allows for a reprocessing of information, which is often adaptive and helpful in forming a new impression. There is no trance in EMDR and it is not hypnotherapy. The goal in EMDR is not to just feel less anxious. It is to be free of the previous anxiety or fear. What could be better than to be able to enthusiastically book those flights home for the holiday?

I’m available to answer any questions on this treatment or others offered in our counseling practice at Body With Soul and look forward to helping. You deserve to have Happy Holidays!

Glenn Cory Graves, Body With Soul

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