Breathing Disorder And Sleeping Disorder

In order to breathe well, the airway has to be unobstructed and patent. This allow the air to flow from the nasal passage, through the pharyngeal airway and to the lung smoothly. We take it for granted that this is always the case for everyone. However, individuals with retrognathic mandible or a retruded, narrow lower… View Article

Are Your Teeth Ready for the Holidays?

Sometimes it is more of a challenge to stick to our oral health regime when on holiday. Be it when we are vacationing abroad or if we decide to have a lazy few weeks at home, by day we excessively indulge on snacks, local cuisines and sweet refreshments as we throw our rule book of… View Article

Managing Dental Emergencies

Did you know that the most injured area of the body during contact sports is the mouth? Slippery marble floors and swimming pools are also hazards. It is no surprise then, that the incidence of accidents resulting in trauma to the mouth and teeth are very frequent here in Singapore. All parents should be prepared… View Article

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