TCM Therapy For Stress Management

Are you feeling restless or easily agitated, having difficulty to relax, or finding yourself constantly worrying? Are you experiencing tiredness and fatigue, aches and tense muscles, headaches, stomach cramps, insomnia, grinding of teeth, chest pain and rapid heartbeat, loss of sexual desire? If so, you may be suffering from chronic stress. Stress affects almost everyone,… View Article

Manage Premenstrual Syndrome with TCM

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a collection of recurrent emotional symptoms, with or without physical symptoms, that occurs a few days before a woman’s menstrual cycle. Typical complaints include cyclic irritability, tension and unhappiness. Other emotional changes may include anxiety, stress, anger, mood swings, poor concentration, food cravings and change of sex drive. Some women experience… View Article

Acupuncture In Pregnancy

It is common for a mother-to-be to experience symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy. Some of the discomfort symptoms are due to hormonal changes in the body, while others can be caused by the increased pressure on organs around the uterus from the growing foetus. Common unpleasant symptoms include tiredness, dizziness, morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion, constipation,… View Article

Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping disorder refers to a medical disorder of a person’s sleeping pattern. Common symptoms include inadequate sleeping time, insufficient sleeping depth, inability to relieve fatigue and rejuvenate after a night’s sleep. Inadequate sleeping time is often the result of difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night and having difficulty getting back to sleep. For… View Article

Smoking Cessation with Acupuncture and Tuina

There are many reasons for smokers to quit smoking. Practically every smoker knows that smoking significantly increases the risk for lung cancer and heart disease. Many are also aware that it speeds up the aging process, contributing to a faster decline in mental functions and making skin prone to wrinkles. Moreover, with the increase in… View Article

Weight Loss Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believe that obesity is mainly due to internal phlegm, dampness and qi (vital energy) deficiency in the body. In TCM, weight loss can be achieved by reducing water retention, and improving the functions of the spleen, blood and qi circulation in the body. By balancing the hormonal levels and… View Article

Needle Yourself for a Shaplier Body

There are many different methods of weight reduction; acupuncture, an ancient Chinese practice that dates back thousands of years is one very good solution for someone who is struggling with his/herweight as it works in a natural way. The therapy involves placing needles in pressure points throughout the body, and each pressure point is connected… View Article

Qigong and Vitality

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is steeped in the premise that all of us have a natural flow of energy, Qi, throughout the body. When the pathways of the Qi become blocked, the occurrence of illnesses and diseases is a certainty. As these blockages get worse, the blood will reach a state of stagnation and manifest… View Article

What is Golfer’s Elbow? Can TCM help?

Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) is a painful inflammatory condition that not only afflicts golfers but can be experienced by anyone who overuse the muscles and tendons in the forearm through repetitive activity such as flexing, gripping or swinging. This, as a result, causes pulls or tiny tears in the tendons which typically do not enjoy… View Article

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