Curious Georgia went on a hunt through the serene spaces of Body With Soul to sit down with Sid Hamid, a peak performance coach. Labelled as the Most Creative Peak Performance Hustler and the latest addition in Body With Soul’s Alternative Clinic, I was curious (as always!) to how he came about with his practice. Since it is still early in 2015, I wanted to know more about how his method of coaching can make me (and many of you out there as well!) succeed in what I call – the GAME OF LIFE!

Curious Georgia: Thank you for making time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me because as you know, I am always curious about what you do and it really sounds interesting and beneficial. So here’s the thing – I have been going through such a whirlwind of ups and downs for the year 2014 and I almost feel like there is no need for me to write down my goals for 2015. There is absolutely no point to it because I realize that our life is like a game and you really cannot control the circumstances around you. So my first question is – how would a peak performance coach be of benefit to me?

Sid Hamid: Thank you for coming to talk to me. It’s really a pleasure and I am more than happy to break down the benefits for you. First and foremost, as coaches, we believe in enhancing human potential. People will always go through various circumstances, both positive and negative that shape the game of their lives. In your case, it should not be about getting control. It should be about raising your awareness and having the clarity to make powerful choices at opportune moments and be fully responsible for whatever consequences that comes your way. This process helps you to examine what works and what does not work for you and as a result of coaching, you would appreciate changes taking place. For example, you finally are able to solve a problem with new solutions that you never thought of. Or as a result of unearthing hidden strengths or talents, you will excel, perform well and motivated to create even bigger change in the future because you are so happy and passionate beyond words!

In my years of being an occupational therapist and a coach, I have created my own models, tools and processes so that my clients can align their potential to performance to peak in life.

Oh one more thing – I believe that a good coach must demonstrate that he or she has dealt with his or her own issues successfully and for me, I have hustled my way through life and embraced the lows, the ups, big wins, big losses, small wins and small losses in areas of business, career, relationships, self expression, stress and wellbeing and many other areas. It just sums up how I have become most creative with my bag of tricks to guide my clients to gain their version of success

Curious Georgia: Wow! Ok great! Can you give us (me and the readers)a sample of what happens at a typical first session if I were to engage you as a coach?

Sid Hamid: Sure! Let’s start with me asking you: How can I help you and what would you like to get out from our coaching session? This is very fundamental because in coaching, we let you set up the agenda and then we will guide you with more questions to focus on a specific outcome/s that would be of benefit to you to work and track progress on

Curious Georgia: Sounds good. If I were to choose an area of life that I would like to perform well in, I want to be clear about what to do with my time for myself because I am always bogged down with the kids and my husband usually flies out so yeah…*big sigh*

Sid Hamid: How do you feel right now as we speak especially since you let out a big sigh… At this point, even before we go further into the coaching, I would like to set up that coaching is a collaboration between me and you and thus it is based on trust and you let me know how you want to be supported

Curious Georgia: [keeps quiet…] Thanks…I just did not realize I would come to this because you just gave me that space and I just felt like wanting you to help me get out of this confusion with my life…[starts tearing with a hint of frustration]

Sid Hamid: Why don’t we stop here and we can do the interview the next time in a form of me coaching you so you and your readers better understand the coaching process…?

Curious Georgia: Thank you…you mean complimentary coaching? [smiles]

Sid Hamid: Hahaha…with Body with Soul clients, I offer a 45 minutes consultation at your own home or if you are comfortable, we can have it over coffee and it costs $150. And yes, after which, you will get to have a 45 minutes COMPLIMENTARY coaching either face-to-face, Skype or other compatible devices for us to have that life changing and peak performing conversation [smiles]

There you go folks… stay tuned to curious Georgia’s 2nd coaching session with Sid

Sid Hamid
Peak Performance Coach

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