The Hunter Gatherer

The human body can deal with huge amounts of stress and strain, hence the ability to push our bodies to the limit, whether it is to conquer Everest or train for that 10km run we have always wanted to do. Whatever your sporting ambition it is important to remember that although the body is generally… View Article

Snoring – the Silent Killer

Dr Kenny Peter Pang Sleep Physiology Sleep is a basic fundamental process that humans need. The average human spends between 6 to 8 hours per day or about one third of their lifetime sleeping. Sleep is defined as transient state of altered consciousness with perceptual disengagement from one’s environment. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is… View Article

Health Screening For Men – What & When?

The health of the males in the family is not only a concern for the men themselves, but it is also a concern for women who care about the health of their fathers, husbands, sons and brothers. While the life-expectancy gap between men and women has decreased, men should not let their guard down when… View Article


Valerie Faneco Why is yoga good for children? Yoga has long been hailed as one of India’s most precious gifts to the world. In ancient India yoga lessons would begin in childhood, and there are many reasons for this. It set the foundation for a lifetime of good habits in personal hygiene, self-care and discipline…. View Article

‘Growing Up’ can be a pain

Paul Bell “Its just growing pains, get on with it” was my school rugby coaches’ reply, when I told him my right knee was painful. In fact because I was fourteen years old, going through a growth spurt, playing a lot of sport and not stretching enough, my quadriceps (thigh) muscles had become so tight… View Article

Back to School – Healthy Lunchboxes

Karen Wright Back to school and the thought of what to pack into your child’s lunchbox is looming! Most parents struggle for inspiration on what to pack into their child’s lunchbox each morning. Thinking of options that are nutritious varied, practical and that your child will eat, can be quite a challenge. The trick is… View Article

The Right fit for school

Adam Jorgensen For some, the new school year is upon us, while for others it is back to school from the mid year break. Every parent’s nightmare is when the kids are shuffled out the door for the first day of school, only to find last term’s shoes don’t fit anymore, or the Singapore humidity… View Article

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